God is like a ring?

When I was a kid, my mom always had me in churches, and I was always one of the kids that didn’t just follow along like cattle… I wanted to know more, and to question stuff… I asked the pastor or whatever he was called at that church lol, I said to him… “Who made God?” and he said to me “Picture a ring, God is like a ring, There is no beginning and there is no end, it is forever” and I looked at him and said “Well then who made the ring?” and he couldn’t answer me… Sooo, who made the ring?

Answer #1

Wow! Much more contemplation this go ‘round.

Like Toadaly said… we live in a cause and effect reality… so naturally we are apt to look for the same sequencing to its ultimate end… which seems impossible…outside some sort of weird circular “ring” scenario… If we only apply this line of reasoning to our incorporeality we come to a gigantic chasm when causation is no longer apparent… not a mere gap.

Many are led to believe that the cause begins elsewhere… in an imperceptible reality… perhaps super or parallel.

“How” is superseded by “Why” in this regard because “How” is limited to the deductive process and will conclude inevitably at the chasm of causation… as long as we keep with verifiable criteria.

Corporeality doesn’t require a god but it does beg the question of genesis. It isn’t invalid in my opinion. We are mindful creatures and burdened by our curiosity. “Why” is the meaningful question… and it…of course… is the unsubstantiated one.

Conditionals are only as valid as their progenitor… at least in a cause and effect world.

Answer #2

My big thing, is I beleive in God, but to think that God just came out of no where, well then it is beleivable to think that we just came out of no where.. So does God have a God? how did it all start? what the f*ck?!?! thats just confusing and stressfull to think about, and if God has a God, does that God have a God? and when it gets to the very top, where did that God come from?!?

Answer #3

it hurts my head to think about lol.. even if the universe just, “always was”… how did that come to be? Thats somethin I don’t think we’ll ever figure out.. or if the whole universe existed inside that little speck before the big bang, then where’d the spec come from? and were there other specs? I dunno.. lol

Answer #4

It’s a nonsense answer to avoid the question. If you want to posit that something (your god, for example) has always existed, fine, but then you have to accept the hypothesis that it applies to other things - a non-created universe, for example. :)

Answer #5

There may be many gods, but only ONE TRUE God and that is the Creator and Savior of all. God always existed, He never just became, He always was…I cant explain it, but thats what Faith is..”Believing in the unseen”

Answer #6

this I dont understand I beleive there is a god but not that he is in control of my life

Answer #7

who made God, The universe has many Gods, Father God, Mother God, etc. this world is mirrored the same as the other side, without the negative part, planet earth is viewed only as a school, a place of negativity for each soul to evolve through, Earth is a place to gain experience and test the mettle of your soul along the path of perfection, Earth is viewed as a necessary experience to go through, for evolvement and perfection because it is the only place where negativity exists. The only hell you will ever know is life on earth.

Answer #8

If you start trying to understand the nature of reality, it’s going to cause your head to hurt, because it’s way way outside the realm of common sense experience.

You have to simply accept that ‘something’ exists uncreated. Most people like to imagine that ‘something’ to be a creator god of somekind, but that’s basically a cop out. There’s no reason the universe itself can not exist uncreated.

The question ‘why’ implies the existence of a causal ‘because’. But if the existence of the universe is not the result of a cause, then the question is invalid. Maybe there are no stupid questions, but there are invalid questions.

Answer #9

What many don’t realize about the Big Bang theory is that the big bang occurred after the big crunch of the last universe; the same universe as far as it’s existence is concerned, but a different universe so far as it may have followed the same laws but appeared different. The fact is, that universe doesn’t matter. The one that we exist in now, does.

We accept ‘time’ as a dimension. It is ‘time’ that is like the ring, with no beginning, and no end. No god necessary.

Answer #10

lol shredder, who created time then? :(

Answer #11

I made the ring. Along with Marijuana. Love me. :]


Answer #12

that was a pretty good answer, but it’s still one of those mind boggling things ya know :)

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