Can God change people's evil ways?

I have a brother who use to be so nice to me and my two sisters we used to have such a great bond even in the worst of times with a stern dad. But I saw him developing some type of behavior when he went to highschool. He had no style and the only way to fit in is to buy Rocawear clothing brands, dress like the thugs and listen to gangsta music where they degrade women. he isn’t a thug but I think he is just a wannabe.

Whenver he is around people on the outside he listens to rap music to act and be tough. But whenver he is behind closed doors I can hear him listening to japanese anime music, watching anime and he still likes to watch Power Rangers.

Me and my brother had a bigger bond than the rest of my siblings. He went through fighting with my older sister and they haven’t had a single conversation for three years! he used to steal her things like money and materialistic things. He fought with my younger sister as well he use to hit her and made her cry he cursed her out and I use to cry about it because it is WRONG!!! He wanted her to fail at everything she does and SHE NEVER DID!

Since he doesn’t talk to my other sisters AT ALL he always talks to me but I use to feel bad about it because me and my younger sister have a special bond with each other! Right now me and my brother aren’t talking but it seems like he wants to reach out and say something to me but he can’t because he clains that he is shy. he inherited and developed evil and mischevious antics from my dad and uses it on us. he will take away our possesions and hide it, then claims that he can get away with it…silly thing is, he can’t.

Every wrong thing that he does I always say that God is watching. But why is it taking so long for the Lord to finally teach him a lesson from what’s right and wrong? Please help!

Answer #1

He inherited evil yet you’re the one about ready to finger a girl in the next 3 hours & you’re not even of age to be worrying about it. Lust is a sin, & sexual relations before marrage is against the bible(yes, fingering is sexual), anything against the bible is considered evil! You’re a humorous little boy, I’ll give you that.

God is all about belief & faith, "faith is for those who do not want to believe in the truth". I'm a witch I have been ever since middle school when I first discovered it, all the way through high school,& still today & I'm quite a moralful person with manners & I show respect to those who show me respect. When it comes down to it, it's not about the belief, it's about the person in general, point blank.

You don’t have to be “gangsta” to fit it, he’s simply hanging about the wrong crowed. I was Gothic throughout my entire high school career. I wore medium to long skirts, fishnet stalkings every know & then, lacy gloves, the black eyeliner & mostly crimson lipstick & nail paint(though I’ld mix it up a bit with other colors). I never tried to fit into the mainstream mold, it wasn’t worth it. If people liked just what I wore, acted out to be, &/or have, then their not truly your friends. If they didn’t like me for me, then screw them. I wanted people who I could truly count on & could truly call my friend. Though I learned that early on in life, it’s a lesson that most people will find out in high-school through realization or a hard lesson.

High School is all about a self journey of identity, finding out who you are, what you want to do, whose really your friends, & whose just hanging about the group so they don't have to be alone.
Besides, if it's his first year of high-school, it's not unnatural. Usually the freshmen were always acting big bag & tough to impress the higher classmen, though really all they did were annoy them. He'll learn. As the song goes from Nickle Back "Gotta Learn the Hard Way". It's how one gains wisdom. 

If you want to reach out to him talk to him about anime. It actually became a big thing in high school before I graduated. Mostly the sh*tty kind like Naratu, PokeMon, DigiMon, & the kid stuff. Introduce him to better, more adult anime. Look some up online & such. If he wants to fit in, anime is the way to go actually, & he wont have to change who he is because he actually likes anime. But again, it really shouldn't matter, he should be who he is & have friends who like him for him, otherwise it's not worth spending time with those people. Point blank really. I hope he realizes that sooner or later.
Answer #2

God can change us, when we want to be changed, and he will never go against our will. He will allow us to follow that will to the finish, if we so choose. However, when people are prayed for, the Holy Spirit, comes to bring conviction to them, that what they are doing is not right.

You can talk to your brother, and you can also pray for him, both will help.

Answer #3

I dont nkkow but he hasnt changed my ways im a street thug my mom is always praying for me not to die out here.and to change my ways. so I want be out he killin but it does hert to no im runnin her crazy.

Answer #4

just sit em down and talk 2 him tell him be himself tell him he will get more respect he mighting listen but keep telling him

one day he will realise it

hope dis helps :)


Answer #5

God changes a person, but not forcefully. God can bring spiritual uplifting in many ways. But what you’re dealing with is not some one with evil intent… but some one who has been misguided.

Trust me when I tell you that NO, your NOT too young to be worried about this because he is your brother and you have all the right to worry and talking to him and telling him how you feel may make him think about things and reconsider his actions.

Remember, you are all very young… I’ve already been down that road of teen rebellion and It only lasts until he gains true responsibilities. Dont be angry with him or he’ll get defensive. Tell him that you miss your brother, the way he use to be.

Answer #6

Sure you can, you can shove a tube down it’s throat & poor water down it, but that would be animal cruelty & will make the camel detest you in return. By the sounds of it he’s been like this over time & just now found the people to express it, which just so happens to be the wrong people. It’s a phase, every teenager goes through it.How he comes out of it depends on what kind pf person he is & what kind of situations he gets himself into. Just hang in there, but don’t let him drag you down with him.

Answer #7

No god can change an evil person into a good person and that has been proven over years! The WILL to change and decision to make changes in your life comes within the person himself. Praying for it wont help either, for the same reason! Some people decide to make a change in life only when they hit rock bottom (like addicts) others are strong enough to make a turn before reaching that point.

You can take a Camel to the water, but you cant MAKE him drink!

Answer #8

it can I guess but if you believe in him

Answer #9

he forgives..

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