What religion didn't convert at sword point?

Growing up in Oregon, in a state run school system, and then going to a University again in Oregon, you learn a few things. One is history. From my understanding, every western religion in the world (Judaism, Catholicism, Islam) all rose to prominence and converted new followers at sword point.

Now, bear with me for a moment, as I just talked to god earlier today, and it’s hard to put the divine’s thoughts into electronic format (thus the reason we don’t have a website where you can read the official voice of your chosen god).

My issue, and this is for everybody here…is that if every religion converted new followers at sword point (and then later, in the New World, gun point) then shouldn’t we stop the violence now that we’re a modern world, with email, internet, and the ability to come together in understanding at such a site as FunAdvice?

Eg, your verbal attack on my faith - is the same as the gun, or sword, of yesteryear. It’s an attack, pure & simple. My faith - whether in Yaweh, Allah, Jehovah, the Bible, The Quran, or the Torah - is my own. Try to take that from me, try to convince me of any wrong doings of my faith - and it’ll fail, because as everybody who believes in something knows, it’s the faith that matters.

Not the scientific proof. Not the history of killings, murder, mayhem, terrorist acts or politicking. It’s the faith that matters.

So, if you have faith, should you attack those who also have faith? If they call their god a different name, is their faith any less strong or correct? Nope, their faith is their own, my faith is my own, and your faith, is your own.

I’m not going to preach, nor will I advocate one religious view point over another. However, I will nuke, ban and or delete those who believe that converting the modern heretic is a mission they should carry out on FunAdvice. We’re not here to convert, we’re not here to preach.

What we are here for is shared understanding, enlightenment and dialogue between those who were conquered by the religious fanatics of by gone days, because through dialogue, discussion, mutual undestanding and respect we can learn to live together, peacefully. The way my god and yours intended, irregardless of the name that we all give to the divine. Thanks.

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To: rnealw From: joseph1949

So you missed the part that thedude talked to god. You must read a lot of replies where people say they have talked to god.

rnealw, do you talk to god? Is it a two-way ? If it is, oh dear!!!

rnealw, trust me, you do not know what humor is!!!


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The wiccan religion was spread without violence.

Answer #3

aww but its nice to see those two going at it again… like a married couple! hee hee!

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To: thedude From: joseph1949

You said you talked to God.

How did you know it was God?

Thank you

Answer #5

* The wiccan religion was spread without violence. Your only speaking of the modern movement right?

Answer #6

Generally, I agree with you - especially about the need for this website to be a free place for discussion, not one where someone should come under attack for their views or beliefs.

So it’s totally mean of me to question you on a little point…

But I’m still going to do it. Apologies.

You say: ‘It’s the faith that matters’, rather than what one has faith in. But I note (with pleasure) that this does not extend, in your belief system, to saying that it’s great for some people to have faith in their right to kill others who don’t agree with them.

As a Brit, I watched Protestants and Catholics of faith murder each other in Northern Ireland. Now we see some Muslims incited to do the same, in the name of their faith. People can have sincere faith in the need to do this. So I think that what you have faith in really does matter - any old faith will not do!

Answer #7

:) The angst & rock throwing we’ve had recently, among every religious faction on our site, against every other religious faction we have on our site.

I want people to get along. Plain & simple. You won’t convert me, nor I you, by posting here. It’s not what we’re trying to do (eg, encourage movement or migration from one religion to the next). And something I’m against, because each individual has the right to make up their own mind what faith to hold in their hearts :)

Answer #8

Whether or not I talked to god…isn’t the point.

And, for the record, I didn’t define god in my question ;) So it could have been my Buddha statue on my desk, the Quran we have on the shelf, the personalized bible I have someplace…the Tao Te Ching I have next to my bed, the Hindu silk wall hangings we have in the living room OR a figment of my imagination.

Or, it could have been real. :) Does it matter, in all seriousness? Nope, it doesn’t.

Note that despite my having read many religious texts, I failed to quote any of them. Or define which notion of divinity.

So lacking definition, my usage of god is irrelevant here. Closing this now.

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To: rnealw From: joseph1949


Yes, I do have other interests.

I think religion and how people think about religion is very important. We have a president who has two-way conversations with God and Tony Blair who also talks to God. The two of them came-up with the Iraq war.

You may think it is O.K. to talk to God. Your Bible says to pray in private. This is good advice. What you say to God and what God says to you should be kept private. The world would be a much better place if every body would do this.

thank you

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To: captainassassin From: joseph1949

I may be a dim bulb, but any light in a sea of darkness is better than no light.

Your turn, Yoda!!!

Answer #11

Sorry, thedude, that really wasn’t what I was trying to do. I mentioned first my own country (UK) and my own faith (Christian) just to show you that I realise the failings of people who would count me as one of their own. I thought that would make a balanced argument - my point being that any faith can be perverted by hatred.

I don’t feel I was ‘blaming’, more, accepting the blame that people who have my own nationality and faith have been guilty of what you say.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to re-read what I wrote in that light.



Answer #12

joseph1949 Are you here for a positive constructive purpose or do you just like Hunting for and pointing out other peoples faults? You have one answer outside of the Religion area but you are not a religious person, You do not seem interested in giving advice to any one issues of life. You have not given one contructive or destrucive answer in any of these areas. Beauty & Style Computers & Technology Education & School Entertainment Food & Dining FunAdvice Community Gaming & Games General Knowledge Health Home and Garden Jobs & Money Kids Love and Relationships Music Nutrition and Fitness Parents & Family Pets Real Estate Shopping Travel Are you here for any purpose other than debating? Yes I speak to God Often. . . No it is not a two- way convesation But He does answer me. . . But you will not understand this in your life time And I’m sure your going to probably flame me and try to discredit me and Make this a personal Battle like you always do. . . to try to explain to you how God Answers us is like throwing pearls befor swine. . . and we are told not to do that. Mat 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.

Answer #13

The bible says if we live by the sword, we will die by it. I don’t see anywhere in there, where God taught man to convert anyone at sword point. Man often time does things that have nothing to do with what the bible teaches, and God and his followers take the rap, when it ought to be made clear that, that is not Gods way. Jesus came to promote love and forgiveness, and nowhere does he promote violence of any kind. God is not going to drag anyone into heaven, it’s just not going to happen, nor does he teach us to force his views on anyone. He draws by the power of his spirit, thru love, and he states clearly, not by power, nor by might, but, by my spirit, Saith the Lord. I for one, would love a forum, where things could be discussed without the fear of being attacked. I have only been online for a few months, and what I have seen and experienced is no less than bashing of Christian beliefs. Others come under fire also, but, seemingly more so for Christians. It would be wonderful for this to stop. We need to be able to share in an atomsphere of love, without having to defend our faith, and the same for other faiths. I have tried to do this, to the best of my ability, and if I have failed, I ask your forgiveness.

Answer #14

I totally agree with you, all religions are from god,we have to respect it no matter what our religion is, having different faiths doesn’t give anyone the right to attach the others,thats what freedom is all about ,what makes me abetter believer is to believe in every religion, after all we all share believing in one god, I wish we can live all together in peace.wish you all love.

Answer #15

flossheal, respectfully…

Calling out ANY religion is a problem. Add up the dead bodies as a result of your religion, my religion any religion…you know what you get?

A lot of dead bodies. It doesn’t matter who killed them. They’re still dead, and do you think for a second the people who have lost family in Iraq care about the faith of the soldiers & blackwater guards that killed with impunity? (Christian, btw).

Nope. The families don’t care, they only care that they lost somebody they love, unjustly, unfairly, and against the rules of any religion.

So while I appreciate the feedback here, your comment is EXACTLY the problem I’m trying to avoid else we’ll close down this section of the site.

I could point out the Bush, an avowed Christian, is directly responsible for far more deaths than Muslim extremeists…but that’s NOT the point.

The point is, it’s wrong, for ANY religion to go pointing fingers. Did you bible teach you to be rude, mean, inconsiderate of other people’s feelings? I attended a Christian church for years, and lack that kind of faith. I’ve been to mosques, and lack that kind of faith.

I’ve seen Buddhist temples (thousand plus years old) Hindu shrines, and witnessed worship first hand of the faithful of a dozen religions the world over. I lived in the largest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) …and I still don’t have the kind of faith that I’ve seen, the world over.

What I know, which was my point: is that it’s wrong for you, or me, or another to go throwing stones at the temple of another’s beliefs, their faith in their god or religion.

So please, the next time you go pointing out a religious group in rebuke of my non partisan message…think what Jesus would do, as that’s your belief system: would he blame others? Counsel you to attack?

Nope. Neither would any other religious figurehead or leader. My point is, debate all you want, but don’t try to convert or point out that one religion is somehow to blame for the actions of a few. Should any Christians, Muslims, or Jews get persecuted? Nope.

The religion isn’t to blame, it’s the individuals that acted in contrast to their belief system that are to blame.

Answer #16

To: rnealw From: joseph1949

Here is thedude’s quote:

Now, bear with me for a moment, as I just talked to god earlier today, and it’s hard to put the divine’s thoughts into electronic format (thus the reason we don’t have a website where you can read the official voice of your chosen god).

rnealw, it is hard to miss the fact that thedude talked to god. I suggest you clean your glasses and/or your screen.

You may want to ask thedude how he(thedude) knew that he was talking to god. You two great minds should be able to figure it out. If not, you can ask me!!!

signed, a light in a world of darkness

Answer #17

Now we see some Muslims incited to do the same

That bit.

Problem is, you’re still finger pointing. Are there no Christian, atheist or agnostic terrorists? Of course there are.

So, you’re finger pointing, and as a Christian, you should know that’s still wrong.

Answer #18

Hypothetically speaking… Anyhoo, well done t.d. May I ask what specifically sparked your post? (please don’t hold any of my misspellings against me)

Answer #19

I guess Buddhism is one of the world’s Great Religions that was spread by way of eg and historically not known for violence (off the top of my head btw)

Answer #20

I didn’t say I didn’t see it on rereading it Genius. I simple sayed I missed it ( The first time I read it.) I think his statement a metaphore with some humor entended. P.S. Dude I still want you to put in a good word for me. . . . . Tell Him I really need the 1964 peace dollar.

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