How can I turn back to God?

okay, so I’ve been depressed for over ten months now, and through my depression I’ve turned my back on God. and everytime I begin to ask for help, people tell me that I need to turn to God for answers, and pray to Him. that He will help me, and is just waiting for me to ask for His guidance. my problem is, in the beginning, I felt that it was no help because I wanted answers, I didn’t feel like I was getting any responses from our Lord. but lately, I’ve been trying and trying and trying to let God back in my life. only to have a brick wall separating me from the Lord. I can’t seem to feel passion in loving christ as I used to be able to.

and now, my brother, who was for a while an atheiest [sp?] has begun to believe in Christ again. and is attending church regularly and praying about everything with his friends. I’ve never seen someone so born again.

and I sit here still struggling to find Him, though I’m trying my hardest.


Answer #1

You just did by asking ! LOVE

Answer #2

Footprints in the Sand ‘One night I dreamed I was walking with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one set of footprints. This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints. So I said to the Lord, “You promised me Lord that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?” The Lord replied, “The times when you have seem only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I have carried you.” ‘ –Mary Stevenson

Answer #3

People who let their emotions control their view of reality live a life of cognitive dissonance.

If you want to get past all that, reject everything you think is true, and start over. But this time, let reason determine reality for you, rather than your emotions.

Answer #4

Get your Bible, go to Romans 10:9 Repent of your sins, ask God’s forgivness, truly meaning it from our heart. God forgives and remembers it no more. ( that doesn;’t mean you can get forgiven and strt all over again.)

You have to Study your bible, get involved in Bible study with your church…The more you study the more God will help you to understand.

Answer #5

I like toadaly’s point that we let our emotions or feelings tell us what is true. When I ‘feel’ distant from God I believe that God must be distant from me. When I ‘feel’ abandoned or isolated I believe I must really be alone.

The ‘Footprints’ story is a good one for pointing out that our feelings are not fact. When I was depressed I held on to one thing - God would get me out of it one day. I couldn’t hold on to much more than that, and I didn’t ‘feel’ good at all. But our feelings are not the best indicator of what is really going on - God is with you and, in His own time, He will help you to ‘feel’ His presence. For now, just accept that He’s there even though you can’t sense that. Remember how you’ve been aware of Him in the past, and trust that you will know that, or more, again. God bless…

Answer #6

Keep praying, you’ll find him. You also hev to seek him.

Answer #7

Psalm 46vs10 for you my man

Answer #8

the devil knows that you want God in your life so he’s trying to do anything he can to stop it… whenever things start to get really good and im really good with the Lord, something bad happens and I start to drift from him because I feel like he could’ve prevented it, when its just what the devil wanted. so no matter what just have faith and stay strong and you will find him!!!

Answer #9

I have struggled with depression for YEARS so I definately know how you feel. I was even hospitalized twice for attempted suicide. At one point I had completely denied the existence of God and was judgemental towards everyone who had God in their lives. As I got help for my depression I became more open to God and realized that I was jealous that those people had found God and were actually happy! It just seemed so complicated to me. I started looking into many different religions to try to find some sort of connection with God. I also discoverend that even though my father is a diehard Catholic we had scriptures from almost every religion right in our book closet. It was strange to find all of these different books ranging from Scientology to Buddism. I have been looking into different religions and I honestly feel my depression lifting. Slowly, but still. The first thing you have to do is look inside yourself and find what God means to you. Disregard any teachings you’ve had in the past and find your own God within yourself. It isn’t easy trust me. I still can’t find a religion I can relate with but I have found God. You first have to think of God as the goodness on humanity. That’s what helped me find God. My most philosophical moments were the few moments of peace I had in a hot shower. lol. God is in you. God is in everybody. You just have to think about what ‘God’ means to you. You will find Him. Or Her. ;D

Answer #10

You’re already doing it

Answer #11

Well there is always the easy and most common way… GO TO CHURCH!!! And then start talking with the pastor, and ask him how to be saved… Listen to him and if you like what you hear ask him if he can save you, then get baptized, and ta-da there you go, you are now reborn back into the family of god, and you are now in His hands… Then after you do that when you pray you will feel something, like a spiritual connection or something, or thats how I felt, I use to be a sinner till I began going 2 church steadily with my brothers friends family, then I got saved just last sunday, then that night I got on my knees and asked god if he could forgive me and asked if he could guide me then right at that moment I felt a gust of wind and I heard a faint yes…


Best wishes…

Answer #12

God will never turn his back on you because he loves you so much.. imagine making something so beautiful and loving it so much that you wanna protect it? read the bible, he will speak to you through there.. also, you might not be alert to any messages he gives you.. one time I felt really lonely and scared and felt like killing myself, I thought God wasn’t there for me.. I turned on the radio and the song “ill be there” by the jackson five was on.. and it felt really powerful as if That was God telling me hes there :) its so amazing :) im just writing an essay because I love God so much :) anyway back to your problem lol.. try and see the positive stuff in life.. look at the beauty of the trees and everything, I can’t explain but he will ALWAYS take you back :) anyway I hope this helps unless you feel a bit wierd taking advice from a 16 year old lol .. feel free to speak to me anytime :) good luck xx

Answer #13

I think this site will help you to do the comeback just as the prodigal son did…

There are tons of prayers, music, videos, poems , stories etc etc there on this website…

see it for yourself..

Georgy and Joseph

Answer #14

well I really dont agree with christ. I am a muslim I follow islam, when I pray to my lord I dont rush I take time and talk to him quietly, trying to get the words out from my heart not my head. you have to have faith in god you cant just think you in touch with him again you have to pray hard and keep your respect. all you need to do is keep praying and your prayers should be answered soon it all depends on the lord if he wants to answere your prayers, the lord could also answere your prayers in a different way keep close to god.and keep asking for forgiveness.

Answer #15

The Lord has shown you and told you but you don’t listen nor see HIM moving. Your brother is saved. God takes simple things to show us HIS glory.

You have to be still and listen. Watch and pray. Begin writing in a journal. Throughout your day listen and watch God’s always speaking to us although we expect HIM to show up in one way HE is instructing in another way.

The Holy Spirit is your guide. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. I am excited your brother has been converted. You are not depressed the devil has your mind confused so that you cannot see or hear from the Lord.

Praise HIM in a new way. Worship HIM through song, dance. Serve HIM by being obedient to doing something HE has asked you to do but you’re embarrassed or ashamed. because of what others think or may say.

God approaches us in different ways when we’re growing in HIM sounds like you feel alone but it’s actually HIM wanting you to seek him deeper it’s a point of maturity.

God has you at a teachable point. You feel the “wall” has separated you from the Lord. Ask God to show you how to get over or walk around the wall. The wall is representing isolation however HE lives in you therefore you are not alone HE has always been there. You just need to freshen your bond with the Lord you are not separated HE is in you and working through you.

Write me back and tell me about your break through.

Answer #16

your pretty much just going to feel empty inside until you realize that no god can help you… only you can help you… after you figure this out… THEN try looking for your god again…

Answer #17

Fasting is designed to help us to get stronger, spiritually, if you can dedicate some time to this, I think you will find it very beneficial.

You can pray and ask God, what he would have you to give up, and for how long.

It has always seemed to me that if I will take one step, he will take two.

Also, incorporate scripture into your daily routine. Maybe you could start with the book of John, and comitt to read one chapter per day.

Also, pray, asking God to help you to feel and experience his presence, in your life.


Answer #18

God sayshe loves us not that he loved or will love us. We are the ones that turn our backs on him. Its not like we take our eyes off of him and he says peace out man! NO he is always there, you want to love him more like he loves you? Ask him to bring an abundant love into your heart to love him so that you can grow in him. First of all get rid of your emotions because god is not that way but I will tell you this… He is our consler, so if your down he’ll console you… but dont act as if he owes you because he has given you everthing you have.oh think about this when you are on the phone and you keep talking you will never hear the other person… just listen and ask for patience. THank him on the daily for anything!!

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