Helping her the best way possible!

I have a famely member who is the same age or she’s kain if a famly member but she not blood related. Ok so she is 14 AND SHE HAS BEEN TROUGH WAY TO MUCH THIS YEAR. she was raped by manny of herfamely members to my mom was nice enuff to take her in! Her dad cousin and grandAD is alredy in jail but is just that she cant get over it! I understand what she went trough but I just want to help her! she wakes up screaming at night and saing things that those man are there and all. She dosent go out and she always spend her days in the room, she sleeps in my room and I want for her to be happier I want to help her and have her go back to the happy pearson she was before her mom died and those sikos did that! How can I help her the best way possible! Plese help me! Thanks!

Answer #1

All you can really do is just show her what it’s like to have a friend.. Ya know? If you were going through everything imaginable and you felt like no one could ever help you, wouldn’t you want more than anything to just feel like someone is there to listen to you? I understand if she doesn’t want to open up, and all you can try to do is show her what it’s like to be loved. Obviously she hasn’t been shown that enough. Personally, I think instead of trying to help or understand her, just love her. And give her a sense of what it’s like to have a real family. Good luck to you both, and I hope everything works out for you.

Answer #2

well you seem like a very good friend helping her in need like that already,but what you can do is talk to her and get her to start doing the old things she use to before any of that happened and take time with her she needs time maybe even take her to the doctor to have her checked out mental reasons so if there is something wrong seriously wrong she could go to consoling,or be on medication

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