What are some good and effective way to help me fall asleep?

Okay so I have a heard time falling aslep. Its because I have an active mind and sometimes Im just not tired at all. I have tried multiple techniques such as listening to music, trying to clear my mind, sleeping with a fan to kill the silence, and so far nothing has worked. My bed time is at 10:30 and I ussualy fall asleep like at 12:00 am which is not good because I have to get up for school at 6:15 so what techniqes do you think can help?

Answer #1

I do the same thing every night, I usually get to sleep around 12 or 1 but what helps is to take a hot shower half and hour before you get in bed, it helps for me some times

Answer #2

, Um. If you’ve tried absoloutley everything and its nothing working count some sheep:)

Answer #3

exersercise more often. if you do that until your arms and thighs are sore, I promise you the best sleep ever. sweet dreams!

p.s. some foods & drinks can reduce iron in your body (which is what gives you energy, without it, u’d be tired as hell all the time). so try eating bananas, drinking milk, maybe eat a red baked potato for dinner and french fries. you can google “foods that make you sleepy” and some should pop up.

Answer #4

lol I wouldnt read a book lol plus if its a good one you will keep reading what I do is I leave my t.v on and set a sleep timer that way there is still sound and it shuts off or you cud try excersising like a few hours before bed cas that will make you tired and I heard people say eating turkey can make you sleepy maybe you cud get lunch meat and eat a sandwhich and see if that works but I know they also make like calming relaxing teas that one thing I also do and they sell them at the stores really cheap and its safe and good for you hope I helped

Answer #5

read a book it makes me tired as hell but it has to be a good book

Answer #6

Ps. Please dont suggest counting shep or pills (: Thank You

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