What is the best way to provent bloody noses in your sleep?

I keep getting bloody noses during my sleep how can I provent them or make then stop faster

Answer #1

Take vitamins may help,and you should refer to a doctor in case you have some disease

Answer #2

‘’Prevent’’…the word is prevent. With that in mind, many bloody noses happen because a person is dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep a bottle by your bed. You might have to take a potty break in the middle of the night, but it beats waking up to blood on the sheets.

Answer #3

You should have a humidifier on while you sleep to keep them from continuing to start in the middle of the night. You put pressure high up on your nose for about 5 minutes to stop them quickest. (: Make sure you dring enough water too. :D

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