What are some ways to fall asleep better?

I cannot fall asleep lately. any suggestions??

Answer #1


Well from your previous questions, you are (or are trying) to be anorexic, so I guess warm milk is out of the question. It really helps though to just warm some up right before bed. You can use low-fat if you want..Chamomile tea is also very soothing and the warmth of it in your throat or belly can make you feel sleepy. A hot bath with relaxing scented candles will relax your muscles. You could also listen to a CD of soft music or something relaxing, and don’t drink any caffeine before bed!

Good luck.

Answer #2

at wal mart they have some pills called melatonin or somthing like that and i take they work with ur bodies regular system and they are natural

Answer #3

Count backwards from 100. It works for me. If not, try 150. Hope this helps!

Answer #4

Melatonin may make you groggy the next day, but it can also work as an anti-anxiety med , if you take it before bed. I wouldnt go with melatonin tho. Try GABA before bed.

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