What are some tricks to help me fall asleep?

you know thoses nights when you just cant get to sleep no matter how hard you try? like your tired but you cant fall asleep? does anyone know any tricks or ways that help get them to fall asleep?

Answer #1

This is a little case of insomnia which I HATE!!! And yeah I know what ya mean but I always just “day” dream about anything random and it usually turns into an actual dream in my sleep it’s kinda weird but it works for me every night. And I put my ipod on the sleepy time playlist that I made =P. Heh but yeah anyway if this happens to be one of those nights for you good luck!! Hope I helped and keep dreamin!! Goodnight =)

Answer #2

Ok you want to turn on the student education challel or anything that has to do with a very mellow non changing tone. (^.^ my teacher always makes me sleep in class cause he shows like no emotion and you cant tell if hes mad or happy he just sounds the same to me. ) but try the most boring channel you can find and lay down and close your eyes.

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