How should I convince myself to fall asleep every night?

When I am supposed to go to sleep I preettty much go into a panic attack. recently it has been because I watched paranormal activity, but I always have had trouble falling asleep… Tell me some ways to conquer my fears and just go to sleep.

Answer #1

try listening to music., reading, etc… I have the same problem I can never fall asleep! I usually watch a movie and just fall asleep to it on :)

Answer #2

lol. I know that much.

I really honestly have an overactive imagination. like a really really overactive imagination. its hard to turn my brain off to sleep even if I am not scared. do you have any advice for that?

and actually im not haunted but my piano played once when just me my mom and my boyfriend were upstairs… my piano was in the basement and my cat died sooo yeah. :)

our guess is it is either my cat or my grandpa lol.

Answer #3

If you havent been haunted before you watched this movie , I doubt you’ll just magicely get a ghost on your back, so just think, I dont have a ghost with me, its was only a movie & if this helps , the movie watching even really based on a true story , the director only THOUGHT he heard ghost nothing like what happen in the movie really happend, :)

Answer #4

im going to try that! I used to do that.. I think im going to start that again! thanks!

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