How can I fall asleep easier at night?

How can I fall asleep easier at night?

Answer #1

Try taking a hot shower before bed it helps relax your body and is easier to fall asleep.

Answer #2

Do not smoke weed like how junior said. Weed is bad! Try doing something really boring for a bit, then listen to music. That’s what I do to fall asleep.

Answer #3

haha nice. I dont wanna smoke weed tho. im an athlete. and its too expensive. thats a good idea but its not for me. haha I knew someone would say that. But everytime I listen to music I wind up singing the song and that keeps me up. any other suggestions?

Answer #4

lol. everything you said is true but I’ve only had one good experience with weed. mayb its because I smoked bad weed and one time with really good dro. but id rather get drunk. nonetheless, lol id rather do this in a healthy way…I guess. and everytime I watch tv some good as movie comes on and I wind up watching it or sportscenter for hours. fcuk my life…lol

Answer #5

The hot shower is a good idea. Don’t watch tv or read in bed, make the bed for sleeping. you could try melatonin. you can buy it over the counter. Melatonin is a chemical found naturally in the body that is associated with sleep. If the melatonin levels are low, then it makes it harder to fall asleep. It is a synthetic of the natural.

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