How can I make myself fall asleep easier???

When I go to bed at night, as soon as I hit the pillow, all these thoughts come into my head, so I get nervous, and restless. Also, I’m just not confterable, even though my parents recently bought me a new, really good matress. I got to bed at around 10:30pm. but I dont actually fall asleep till like 2:00 in the morning. And the next day I always feel so horrible and im like half asleep by lunch and after lunch are usually my like subjects a need to pay extra attention cause I have trouble in them, but I just cant!! plse help me, im going to like fail if I cant get any decent sleep.

Answer #1

I had the same problem I felt shit crawling on me and I kept thinking of random things try shutting off all your lights and put on some music and just listen to it and only focus on that it works for me
Pls let me know if it works

Answer #2

You can try to take a nice hot shower before going to sleep, one other thing to try is Melatonin, it can be found over the counter and its a chemical found naturally in the body that aids in sleeping :)

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