How can I get to sleep easier at night?

I can’t sleep at night I’ve tried every thing like thinking of relaxing things. But it just wont work so If anayone out there has good advice for me plzz help me. From Julia

Answer #1

you colud try working out a lil bit like push ups sit ups bout 50 sets of 25 before you take a shower of couse dont fall asleep during the day wake up early I had the same problem it will take a couple of days bout 2 maybey 3 to get use to it

Answer #2

also you could try putting some lavender oil on your pillow before you sleep that can help calm and relax you

Answer #3

if you’re thinking to much, that’s normaly the cause. try writing you’re thoughts down in a journal before you go to bed. =)

Good luck. =)

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