How can I fall asleep faster at night?

I can’t get to sleep every night. I’m 13. It takes me 4 hours to get to sleep and I have to wake up at 7:00 every day.

Answer #1

Well, here are some tips.

-make your bed time regular, if it’s a different time every night then, that could effect your sleep. -Read a story, listen to soft, music, anything boring, like imagine your in your most boring teachers class. -Lie in bed and don’t focus on getting to sleep, just go over your day, make a story up in your head, etc, and pretty soon you will fall asleep without knowing it. -Do physical activitivities in the day, like play basketball or something instead of watching t.v. This tends to make people sleeping when it’s time for bed. -Don’t eat just before be, this will keep you awake because your body is still working at digesting food. -Make sure your matress is good, and the whole ambience is good too. Think about the way you room is decorated or the amount of light or darkness that you need to get to sleep. Then arrange your room accordingly. -Stress can be problem, such as upcoming tests. So to eliminate them make sure your well prepared then you won’t be so worried.

Thats all I can think of, right now. If your still having trouble tell your parents and your docter. They can help! Don’t worry, I’m a thirteen year old girl, and use to have the same problems. Good Luck!

-Nikki :)

Answer #2

drink warm milk, this helps me whenever I can’t sleep

Answer #3

Drink a cup of chamomile tea. It does not have caffeine because it is an herbal tea. Never try too hard to sleep, let it come naturally. If the problem persists, see a doctor.

Answer #4

Remember your God by thank him for everything Or remember what you did your whole day Or read an interesting and short story but not scary one Or take a shower but it must be warm water. I hope it helps :)

Answer #5

well this always works for me I read a book or do a word search or something beacause when im doing 1 of those things my eyes get really focused and it causes me to get really sleepy and tired

Answer #6

There are a number of reasons people can’t sleep, one of them could be insomnia ( a medical condition that keeps you from sleeping). Let’s pretend for a minute that insomnia isn’t your porblem, here are my tips to get to sleep ( I used to have this problem myself):

  • Do not watch TV or use the computer right before bed as it stimulates your mind and sends a message to your brain to stay awake. Instead, read a book ( preferably a boring one), trus me, this puts me to sleep every night.
  • Don’t enage in physical activity near bed as it also stimulates your mind and body.
  • DO NOT STRESS!!! That’s probably the most important one. Most people who can’t sleep have stress to blame. Before you go to sleep, write a list of all the things that are bugging you and tell yourself that there’s nothing you can do about it until morning, then completely block it from your mind.
  • Don’t drink too many beverages right before bed, because you may end up waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Have a cup of warm milk or decaffienated ( or however the hell you spell that) right before bed).
  • Pull your blinds shut and maybe out a sheet over your window to ensure that there’s absolutely no light getting in.
  • If you’ve been lying in bed for over 20minutes and are still awake, go to another room and do a quiet, peaceful activity like a crossword puzzle or a book for a little while, then try to sleep again.
  • If you can’t sleep because of a lumpy mattress, try a foam pad over it, or buy a new one if possible.
  • A lot of people wear ear plugs and those eye masks to bed, you should try it.
  • Listen to relaxing music ( no, not rap or rock, I mean stuff like Beethoven or Motzart).
      If you've tried all that and still can't sleep, it's time to visit your doctor, because it's likely insomnia. I'm actually reading a book on it right now, there's different types and your doctor will be able to diagnose you and possibly perscribe a medication. Remember, sleep weakens your immune system, wrecks your concentration and leaves you vulnerable to a whole array of other problems, so you need to get to the bottom of this NOW! Best of luck, peace!
Answer #7

Reasons you may not fall asleep:

  • Guilt
  • you want to do something really badly and you can’t
  • you could be either really really hot or really really cold

Try these remedies:

  • lavender scent
  • sound machine
  • soft & relaxing colors in your room
  • an extra soft blanket
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