She makes me feel inferior and ugly :(

She makes me feel inferior and not pretty. Ok so there is this girl at school over these hols she got a place at a modelling school somewhere because she was to be a model and I swear she doesnt like me, her friends are alright but she scares me, the way she looks at me sometimes and such. And yes she is one of the (insert b word) girls. Btw she also annoys me, dunno how but she wanted 2 be a model she went to modeliing school and I want 2 be an actor, I told mum that I want 2 take classes but she did nothing about it! Mum never does anything about anything for me.

Answer #1

Don’t let her get to you , if she makes you feel like that then stay away from her , you are pretty and you shouldn’t let somebody else make you think different , just because she’s going to a modelling school doesn’t mean your not as pretty in fact your probably prettier so keep that in mind and don’t let anyone spoil it.

Answer #2

believe in yourself and live your life the way you want it to be

Answer #3

ahah shes so jealous. Don’t trip. It’s okay when people don’t like you. Your not living to please that bi tch. right? Worry about yourself, some people are just so unbelievable. really. your mom sounds like my mother, when you’re older you’ll show them.

Answer #4

listen to the song ( tlc-unpretty)

Answer #5

just get a better looking guy than her and then rub it in her face

Answer #6

I went through the same things when I was in school. When someone treats you that way they are unhappy with themselves, and they strive to make others feel less worthy. Just look in the mirror every single day and tell yourself that you are beautiful! If you cannot tell yourself that you are beautiful then others won’t be able to see it. The outside isn’t what counts. Your beauty shines from the inside to the outside. Love yourself for who you are and what you look like no matter what. If you cannot do this then you will never make it through life. You just have to face the facts that this girl isn’t as perfect as it may seem.

Answer #7

I think that no one should ever make you feel like that

I’ve felt worst before and I hated it so whatever you can change then change but what you cant then its okay

we’re not perfect and no matter how perfect we seem their will always be someone better and something bad about us.

and your mom seems dumb no offense I have a one year old boy and trust me even if he told me that he wanted to be a gay stripper I would still suppport him.

Answer #8

I face the same situation. my mother compares me with my sister making this point that I m so unpretty but otherwise many people tell me that I m so attractive. so my mother leads me feelin confused bout what I am! and well, this hurts and I hate my life because of her.

Answer #9

show this girl that she doesnt scare you and that shes not intimidating, the way she looks at you, look her back the same way show her you dont give a toss and show that she hasnt won, she’ll soon back off I used to never stick up for myself, now I doo, its akll good :) x

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