How do I make myself feel pretty/beautiful?

okay so im not conceded or anything but I know im not ugly like I know im a least a little pretty like im not stupid but no matter what I do with my hair or how I dress I always feel ugly. I always compare myself to other girls and I don’t know I feel wayyy uglier than them. it really bothers me and my boyfriend that I feel this way so I need help. how can I make myself feel more beautiful and stop comparing myself and my beauty to other girls’.

Answer #1

put up a post it on your mirror saying “im beautiful!!!” remind yourself. dont let anyone else tell you diff. the more you are confident the more you are beautiful inside and out!!!

Answer #2

You have insucureness. I can’t make you feel perty, you have got to believe it first. You compare to other girls? Well sometimes they might be comparing to you.

Answer #3

I know exactly how that feels. I suggest maybe dressing differently or do your makeup differently. Think of celebrities that you think are pretty and try to get inspiration from them. And maybe try a new hairstyle. I felt really self concious for a while too but then I got a different style by getting inspiration and I know that it really helps to raise confidence. But know that you’re not ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and the more confidence you have, the prettier you’ll get and the prettier you’ll feel. Good luck!

Answer #4

Hey honey. Look I bet you are beautiful in your own way. But beauty is like confusing. because… um ookay think of it like this… one guy might think meagan fox is the hotest girl in the world and otha guys just think shes flat out ugly. Every1 sees beauty in a different way. So just no that there has 2 be many many people who find you gorgous.


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