What age should I start shaving down there?

I dont no wheather to shave yet . Or get waxed or even trim ? Im 13 now and I need some advice ?

Answer #1

k cheers x

Answer #2

do it when you get hair… thats what I did ! iff its there get rid of it !

Answer #3

ok thankss x

Answer #4

I shave every day in the shower its not bad if you do it all the time.

Answer #5

ok thanksss (:

Answer #6

Well I’ve never had a problem down there cause there is nothing to shave!(HAIR)

Answer #7

ok thankss people (:

Answer #8

its really not an age thing however the air down there is there for a reason its for protection.you may shave but over do it and you can cause irritation like severe itching on your private. look it up at www.womenshealthfacts.com k^_^

Answer #9

That depends. It’s Up Too You When you choose. –I’m thirteen as of now hun lol. and I Have Because I Beleive It Make Me Feel Halthy Yet Clean:) But This Is Up Too Youh(=

Answer #10

its there for a small part protection but it can also cause lice and grabs and stuff :S

if you belive its too long just trim with scissors and be careful

if your putting a bikini on shave

im a bloke and cant stand the fact of hair around my, well, you know so I shave

I prefer girls to be neat and clean but thats just me :)

Answer #11

I am 15 and only trim, and when I did wax, it felt itchy…I am full bush and only one boy has seen it, and he hd no complaints. In summer swim suit, I trim the edge for obvious reasons. Sarah

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