What age do girls start shaving their legs?

I am a girl who wants to shave and mom Won’t let me. I recently emailed her about it. She hasn’t responded but I look like a monkey and look stupid. I have bright red hair.What do I tell her

Answer #1

I started when I was 12 . . I was emmbarassed to ask my mom so I just went ahead and did it ,, it’s not that big a deal ,, she won’t mind so just do it . . My mom noticed one day and she was like ‘did you shave your legs?’ and I got all embarrased and scared and I was like ‘no I didn’t !’ but she just told me that’s it’s fine and to be careful ,, especially around your ankles and knees ,, x

Answer #2

I started shaving when I was 13. I didnt really need to before that . I asked my mum to help me and she was estatic -.- just tell her you need to.

Answer #3

girls can start shaveing at any age. why doesnt she want you to shave? ask her why. shave your legs, it wont do any harm. if she wont buy you the shavor, then buy your own and shave anyways. be careful not to cut yourself. do it slow and gentlally and carefully to make sure you dont cut yourself. shave agianst the grain for your armpits and legs, but shave with the grain for your pubic hair. be careful. its easy to cut yourself, so be careful.

Answer #4

I dont like shaving my legs I wored tights for p.e and so on , it wasnt until I was 18 I started shaving . My point is if you start shaving scrub your legs before you shave to avoid black pores on your legs and just wash of your legs with warm water not soap and water that causes black pores on your legs trust me I know from others . And besides shaving their tons of products you can use to avoid shaving with a razor hope this helps ..

Answer #5

Just make sure you explain to your Mom why you want to shave. Tell her that it’s embarrassing for you at school. She should understand. I started shaving aroudn your age but I wish I would have waited a bit longer because once you start it grows back even darker and thicker then before! So try putting it off until you think you can’t wait zny longer. Once you start it never ever ends…

Answer #6

when I started shaveing my legs I was 12 just tell your mom that you are old enough to save your legs or if that dosent work bye your own shaver and do it while shes not looking…

Answer #7

Wow yeah THAT is embarrassing. Well I started shaving when I was 14 because it was mortifying wearing shorts in pe and having the legs of an animal lol. How old are you? and You should discuss with your mom VERY calmly how you feel about the situation. hope this helps :)

Answer #8

Well I don’t feel comfortable talking to her so I email her I am 13 and I am the oldest. My siblings are always home

Answer #9

I can shave now!

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