What would you do if someone, in all seriousness, told you that they were a vampire?

and by seriousness, i do mean, literally, the very definition of serious. as serious as death here! would you try and get them help? or would you just laugh?

Answer #1

OR, would you believe them?

Answer #2

I wouldn’t believe them. And if they proved it, I’d be scared and rethink the entire world that I live in because there’s a good chance that there’s other scary monsters out there. And then I’d wonder if he sparkles in the sun like those fairy vampires from Twilight do hahaha.

Answer #3

Ehh, I would be skeptical, so I would demand some evidence,if possible at all. Then I would improvise, I would make sure my friend wouldn’t attack me.

Answer #4

Well, If it was a “vampiric style” I would accept it. Ive known many who considered themselves “vampire” by culture but its really a style. However if they told me they were a real blood sucking sun hiding fanger, I would ask them to prove it. Otherwise I would tell them they were crazy. My ex in highschool tried this card on me when I was 16. He bit me (unsuccessful in breaking skin) and I hit him with a playstation 2. Then he told me it was his alter ego “tobias” thats when I knew I rather hit him too hard, or there was a MAJOR issue upstairs.

Answer #5

I wouldnt believe them 99% of the time. To be honest there is a rare occasion where I could possibly see it, because of course nothing in life is definite and there is no proof that they do nor do not exist. however, thats like if I told you I had a pet big foot once, but he got out one day and lurks in the woods behind my house. You would probably want proof.

Answer #6

I would not believe them. Unless they prove it to me the best possible way to prove. If they turn into bats I’d need them tho do that in front of my eyes. If they have super speed I’d need them to take me somewhere as fast as they can. Yes, very Hollywood type of vampires but other than movies I don’t know what they would even be like.

Answer #7

I’d tell them to prove it.

Answer #8

I wouldent believe them, intill they showed me proof and if reall i would want to know everything about being a VAMPIRE. Mabey they could turn me into one.

Answer #9

Id push them in the sun first before anything else haha. Vampires actually dont sparkle except in twilight , they actually burn so Id see what happens lol.

Answer #10

I’d tell them - in all seriousness - that I’m a tansdelucent discordian magi.

And that I am sure I taste absolutely terrible tonight due to the erratic influence of magical karma vibrations on my essence - caused by the relative humidity of the moonlight… and stuff.

And then see how they react.

Answer #11

What if they start to “sparkle? Like Davic Bowie or something?

Answer #12

I had a pet rock - but it ran away. :(

Answer #13

Well Id probably throw something at them then aha.

Answer #14

Yes because the modern vampire culture is nothing like the stories. So technically they do exist. There are actual blood drinking vampires and then there is what is called a psy-vampire that feeds off of energy. There is also a hybrid. However no, they do not burn in the sunlight etc etc. I say this because I met a man who said he was a vampire, he does drink blood, sleeps in a coffin, can lift an inhuman amount of weight, and claimed he could even read minds (which he did indeed prove to us). So yes, because that is how they identify themselves, however they are not the typical story book vampire.

Answer #15

Actually I change my answer, Id tell them that I was a werewolf :)

Answer #16

Haha that happened to me in 5th grade. I was so dumb i actually believed the person! Im sooo gullible!

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