How do I live when someone told me I am a horrible person?

My best friend and boyfriend at the time told me I was a horrible person. I had some instances of jealousy and he was getting too close to my daugther who is now a teenager, so I was concerned about their relationship. Now it is clear to me that he had a reason for saying. How do I leave with that? when someone you have loved so deeply and has been your companion tells you that you are a horrible person. How do I pick up the pieces of myself, get up and start walking again? as much as I pray I cannot seem to be able to lift myself up and I am starting to believe that I am indeed this bad person…

Answer #1

I’ve been struggling with this issue for the past couple of weeks. My supervisor said some pretty mean things and I’ve been trying to move past it and believe in myself, but it’s hard. Honestly, I think it has been encouragement from a previous supervisor and from the people I work with that has helped me move past her words. It’s easy to take one person’s words and make your entire life be about that. But it’s ridiculous to let one person have so much of an impact. There are other people in your life who care about you and towards whom you have behaved in a positive and good way. So one person says one thing. Yes, I understand that he was an important person in your life so it has an impact, but he’s just one person. Just because you gave him the status of being important and allowing him close does not mean he knows you better than anyone else. And you’re talking about a guy who had a reason to say mean things that werent true, you guys were fighting. I know it is hard, but you have to remind yourself of all the good you have done and people who’ve acknowledged that.

Answer #2

agreed with ty

Least you’re learning from your mistakes. Screw the old peaces, you don’t need to pick them up. Move on, gather and create new pieces to build yourself up. Or if need bew create your own underground city to find older pieces. Don’t rush. Don’t wory about being at a low peek, if it weren’t for the lows we wouldn’t have highs. Give it a few weeks. You’ll move on, and when you do you’ll be better. If you wre truly a horrable person I doubt you’ld let this affect you so, or even try to make better, try to learn nor admit your mistakes.

Answer #3

People say horrible things when they are angry or even just in a bad mood. Its time to pick up your life and start again. From what you wrote, I cannot see why you are in the wrong. It is THEIR problem, Focus on your daughter and your work and build new friends. Best of luck xx.

Answer #4

first and for most, no one but GOD can judge you! The fact that you even posted this question shows that you are not a horrible person. If you were so horrible you wouldnt be concerned. Keep praying and trust that God will help you to get through this.

Answer #5

its ok you need to worry about yourself and your child I have been called that so many times and even went as far as hurting myself over it but I took a look back and realized im not going to please everyone

Answer #6

its okay to be jealous, its completely natural. if you realized you were wrong and admit it and apologize then you are not a horrible person.. dont let it get to you because only what YOU think of yourself matters.!

Answer #7

Who you are and what you do are not the same thing. Who you are relflects what you do, but this one thing does not define who you are- YOU define who you are. I know its hard at times, but listen to your heart because that is where God speaks. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t and if you’ve got concers, try to understand where that’s coming from and then sincerely talk to the one with whom it who it concers. Understanding that you were wrong to make assuptions shows humiliy and sincerity, so don’t feel too bad. You made a mistake, welcome to life, now move on:)

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