vampire. am I turning into one.

ever since I was really little I liked blood. I don’t know why tho. o mean whenever I would get a scab I would pick at it just so I could raste the blood. I havent been doing that for about a month and im going crazy. I love the smell and taste of it too. I mean I smell blood everyday all around me. I havent told anyone this before either. I just dont know what is wrong with me. the sight of blood makes my mom almost pass out but not me. ugh. can anyone help me?

Answer #1

YES! People judge because the name given to us, search sang vamps,psy vamps and don henrie. Youtube and google works. Im a hybrid…good luck :)

Answer #2

lol. my girlfreind has a friend that just loves to see other peoples blood.

lol I was like whaaat.

turns out it could just be a fetish. she says she thinks its hot. that sounds like a fetish to me.

you might have a fetish, thats why you love it so much, and maybe thats why when you taste it, you realize yourself your consuming the thing you love so much, and it makes you go crazy in a euphoria of your urge.

its wierd, but happens.

also. you probably love twilight…

…gosh those movies make me nuts…

…especailly when your girlfriend just ‘ loves ‘ edward…

Answer #3

vampire? no. but if you start craving after other people’s blood, you might be a cannibal. rather go see a psychiatrist before this gets out of hand

Answer #4

no, your not turning into a vampire you probably just have a fetish for blood but you really should talk to a doctor about this because smelling blood all around you everyday is not normal

Answer #5

Vampires are just hot rightt now in a year you’ll want to be a werewolf

Answer #6

Well, vampires AREN’T real so we can cross that option out. I guess there’s nothing wrong with what you do : ] If I ever cut my finger I always suck the blood off of it. It doesn’t taste gross, sort of like metal. You probably just like the taste :) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, except for smelling blood all the time. I think you should tell someone about that.


Answer #7

Nope. You’re thinking too much. Better to go consult a psychiarist.

Answer #8

Dude, you need help, but your obviously not turning into a vampire, that stuff is not real.

Answer #9

ummm im sorry I cant really help with that but you could look it up like on google or something…

Answer #10

Is there any evidence that its not?

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