How to become a vampire rituals?

Ok so I have been thinking I really want to be a vampire. My best friend and I have been discussing the ramafications of going through with it, and I will accept the concequences, that comes with being a vampire.

I would just like to know if anyone had some spells that actually work, for personal experience or you know of someone. I would not like to know your veiws, because I have made my decision and nothing will change my mind.

Only positive veiws accepted :)

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. Blessed be.

Answer #1

Haha too much of the house of night series? There Is a website I found that says all you need is to take a drop of blood from an animal and put it into a bowl of water, along with a drop of your blood and pour it over a white candle while saying “On this night I ask of thee to live eternally” repeat it seven times. Anyway, I don’t believe in vampires I just read too much ;)

Answer #2

I don’t know, the blessed thing is actually a pagan phrase, the author had to get it from somewhere

as for the question, vampyrism was (and is???) a disease that some people had and it freaked out the villagers back in the day and it turned from someone kind of liking a glass of blood before dinner to fictional stories on hunters that feast on human blood. There is nothing you can really do to become a vampyre, and definitly not the type of vampyre you actually think you can become. It simply doesnt exist

Answer #3

Stand naked between two full length mirrors at twilight and say “On this night is my desire, to become a real vampire’’ thirteen times while eating a bowl of Count Chocula cereal. If you do it right, you will pass out. When you wake up you will be a vampire.

Answer #4

erm… I dont think I can say anything without being sarcastic but ill try:

vamps dont exist, they have never existed.. all books are fiction and there is no spell to become 1, fact…

if there was any truth in vampirism do you not think that people would be paying other people to turn their loved ones riddled with cancer into 1? it would be a big help for the health service :)

Answer #5

Well, I don’t think that there any spells to become a vampire and real vampires would rarely let themselves be known to humans as such but regardless I will continue searching.

This is a good website. Really helpful for me at least.

Answer #6

uhmm… Put the Twilight books down and go outside

Answer #7

to I don’t know Blessed be is really from the wiccan religion most of her books have wicca in them

Answer #8

go into an ally at night and look for a goth guy with fangs. he’ll beable to help you

Answer #9

Step one: Make an appointment with your psychiatrist Step two: Tell them what you just told us.

They might be able to help you.

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