Where/How would I get a hold of a spell book without someone (friends, family, etc) knowing?

Because i dont know what they would think of it. Please no hurtful comments im just a begginer believer of Wicca.

Answer #1

Most book stores have occult sections where they carry spell books. Although realize that if you live at home there is always a chance someone will find it and not understand or disagree with your beliefs.

Answer #2

Um, yea, I just get all the info I can onthe internet, save it to a word document, and save that all to a flash drive so I can take it with me anywhere, and I dont risk anyone seeing it in my computer. But it would really suck if I lost it. And I’m going to the library soon to look for some spell books so you may want to look there too? I don’t really know, so I’ll just have to look here again when you get new answers…

Answer #3

You could rent one from a library without anyone knowing. It’s cheaper than buying it too! That way you could photocopy or write down the bits that interest you.

Answer #4

Try this website if you haven’t already, it’s the best one that I’ve come across so far. [link removed]

Answer #5

ill use mine to poof you one :)

Answer #6

crap. Why won’t it show the link?

Answer #7

FunAdvice doesnt let people put links :/. But if you put like spaces between the letters It’ll let you.

Answer #8

I sent it to you…did it show up?

Answer #9

i dont think spells are real. but if u just want to just read bout it and try i guess the library.

Answer #10

I heard of a book by a Lady called Rebecca Brown who was a former Witch/Wiccan and she talks about the powers that she had. She was one of the most powerful witch in america. but she also talks about the torment and the horror that she went through. She also spoke of how relentlessly they tried to kill her when she tried to leave this lyfestyle.It was only through teh powers of Jesus Christ that she escaped. Please, please dont get involved. the deeper u get the more dangerous it becomes. God warns us to stay away from these things for our own protection. Satan is teh master of this and he hates you and me with a passion and ultimately wants to ruin you. God loves you…..

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