Do christians beleive that vampires exist?

Ok so a while ago I asked a question on “Do vampires exist?” and I got some reply’s on the bible. Now I’m not a christian, so I only skimmed abit of their answer, but can someone tell me (preferably christian) and short sweet answer of yes or no, I don’t want to know the whole story, just straight up yes or no answer.

See I was on this website the other day. I think its called 49 things, not sure, and theres three people on their claiming to be creatures of night ( Vampires) and I emailed this one guy hoping for a reply.

Would you like to be a vampire? If you would tell me why. If you don’t, Tell me why.

Answer #1

No, vampires are fictional characters.

Oh and I’m not a Christian.

Answer #2

I’m not going to lie if I had a chance to be a vampire I would. Im christian and all but I do believe in vampires it’s part of who I am.

Answer #3

Erm, I’m not in any way Xian, and I don’t believe in vampires. Not in the sense of all the stories about them anyways.

Answer #4


Answer #5

from what I recall, catholics dont believe in this stuff. (im baptized catholic but im not practicing)

no, I dont want to be a vampire because I dont like blood.

Answer #6

I don’t know christians believe in a lot of unreal things

Answer #7

nooo I don’t bec I don’t like to drink the blood

Answer #8

this is not because of twilight I hate twilght but I believe in vampires I know a few

Answer #9

I was raised catholic but I dont believe in it. I would luv to think they exsisted! I would be happy as hell, unless they killed me. then I would be pretty pissed

Answer #10

not christian, dont believe in vampires and think it would suck to be one sleeping through day and hunting at night

Answer #11

I am a Christian, and I would definitely say No. It’s kind of like a fairy tale like the tooth fairy or something. Does it seem realistic to you? That’s what sociaty is making up and wanting you to believe. That’s why Vampires are in movies and stuff.

Answer #12

The bible does not say that there are vampires. I do not believe vampires exist. I don’t know what references you were meaning with “creatures of the night” but they might have been talking about Satan or his demons.

Answer #13

Holy crap I hope you realize that at least 50 percent of these answers were influenced by twilight and ALL of the positive ones

Answer #14

Christians can believe in whatever mythical creature they want to. I mean in the Revelation there were blood sucking demons, close enough right?

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