If people told you, would you believe them?

So many people in this world say they dont believe in god cause they cant see him. My question is to you is, if someone told you that there was this amazing theme park and they knew for a fact it was there and so many people have told you how much fun this park was, would you believe them? Even if you havent seen it yet? God is almighty and powerful. Even though I cant see him, I can see the effects of him. And he is an amazing god. I dont have to actually see him to believe.

Answer #1

Of course I would. I totally understand the point you’re trying to get across.

I see the effects of God everyday. I don’t have to see Him to believe in Him. God to HAS shown Himself to people before, but only people who were devout believers, and even then, God still couldn’t show Himself directly. He had to show Himself by a burning bush or simply a voice because God is really only a presence. He doesn’t have a human form like we expect because He isn’t human! We can’t simply believe only in the things we see, because if we did, we wouldn’t believe in so many things that ARE there.

Answer #2

I would belive them just because you cant see it doesnt mean its not there Like ghost some people say they are fake an illusion but nobody knows for sure they might exist for example:If you havent seen Orlando does that mean its not there?…its there even though you have never seen it…Well thats my opinion

Answer #3

* “Yeah toad, I agree, but; All those ‘facts’ -thats mans will bro, not Gods . That is where a lot of people get confused about Christianity.”

No problem, but then it’s a mistake to claim that Christianity results in some great good. You have to measure the net balance of it’s effect. I could care less whether or not there are gods or demons behind these actions from that regard. All that matters is what we can measure.

It could be the case that ‘the devil’ attacks all Christians and causes every single one of them to commit horrific acts of violence while they are in some kind of zombie state and not culpable. Would it be valid to argue that Christianity results in a lot of good under such a hypothetical? I would hope the answer is obvious. The same holds for the argument you are making.

The amount of good or bad is hypothetically measurable in this world, regarless of the claimed causes, and the net score for Christianity does not appear to be stellar.

Answer #4

I would tend to agree with toadaly. it strikes me as very odd that none of the “miracles” described in the bible have occurred in modern times, we only have a very “abridged” book to look at, it has definitely been edited many many times over by the hands of mankind- to their own fortune. I do not believe in the christian god, another odd thing is how this god myth was being followed mainly in the middle east, and north african region exclusively in it’s beginning. if the christian god was indeed all powerful, we would see the first native americans worshipping him, we would see the peoples of early east asia worshipping him- that is simply not the case, an extreme oversight on the part of an “all powerful” omnipotent god don’t you think? and you would have thought that he would have let his chosen people in on some facts about the world they were living on- such as the fact that the world is round- it took a very long time for people in europe to figure that one out. the evidence as far as I can see is that there simply is no evidence whatsoever to support the existence of this christian deity. now if someone showed me a photo brochure of this “theme park” then I would possibly go check it out. oh cool - I just saw a leprechaun skip by my window, I’m going to go find a pot of gold.

Answer #5

I wouldnt believe in God if someone told me about him and didnt show mw facts but I believe in him because he cured me from cancer after the docters said I had only days of life. I believed in him through myricles not because someone preached him to me. ALL MIGHTY GOD I WOULD NEVER DENY YOU! YOUR POWERFULL AND SO MERSYFULL

Answer #6

It sounds like you’re giving credit to God for all the good things that have happened his name and blaming mankind for all the ills done in God’s name.

Well, that’s generally what they do…

Answer #7


It sounds like you’re giving credit to God for all the good things that have happened his name and blaming mankind for all the ills done in God’s name.

You can’t have it both ways, sorry.

Answer #8

I went to that amusement park once. It wasn’t that great because all the managers were complete control freaks, and since then, I’ve heard a few of them molest children.

Answer #9

if you would like to make sure is there god.or no just think about the life and things around you..then you will find the true answer for you question.

Answer #10

INformer… God will allow you to “feel” him… however, our walk has to start with faith, and proceed from there. If you will seek him with all your heart… you will find him… “feelings and all”. IN fact, he will far exceed your greatest expectations.


Answer #11

I dont believe in god because I cant FEEL his presence anywhere… I am ready to believe if something from god came to me… but since that wont happen I guess ill stay as I am. oh and I wouldnt believe the park was good just because someone says it is… I gotta experience it myself before I say its great…

Answer #12

Uhm well if they went to the park and actually saw the park… yes I would believe them… but since no one has seen God… it’s not exactly comparable…

Answer #13

It would depend on how much you trusted the person. I had a teenaged friend who decided to become a Christian because she wanted to know what made her (Christian) best friend such a great person. If you know and trust the person who is telling you about God, and see the evidence of their faith working for good in their life, then it is not too hard to trust that they are talking about something real. That’s the real evidence.

Hearing Bible quotations is meaningless for people who find the Bible no different to any other book - it has no authority for them, and why should it? Someone said of Christians: ‘You are the only Bible many people will read.’ People need to see God working in our lives for good, and if they don’t, they won’t see any proof of Him.

Answer #14

* “You see, no matter what people think or believe, or how many atheists are out there, you cannot argue the fact that more good has been done, and more people have been saved in the name Jesus Christ, than any other figure in the history of the world.”

The Inquisition, The witch trials, the crusades, the annihilation of indigenous people in the name of Christ, and on and on and on. The history of Christianity is bloody, brutal, and violent. If you want to pretend god lives in your heart, that’s one thing, but the historical facts are not open to negotiation.

Answer #15

Sure I’d believe them. After all, theme parks are known to exist and there’s nothing even slightly implausible about the claim that there’s an amazing theme park.

…now if they told me the amazing theme park was floating in the sky, invisible, and no-one who’s ever been there has returned to talk about it, I’d be more inclined to call the guys in white coats than believe them.

Answer #16

And more harm and killing has been done in the name of Jesus Christ than any other figure in history!

Answer #17

((( sits back and waits for the ‘air’ analogy )))

Answer #18

most people would beleive the theme park exists, because theme parks already do exist most people have seen or went to a theme park before but who here has ever seen this “god” or been to heaven yet? no one can give a straight answer on that without saying a bunch of irrelivant things from the bible

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