Perfect protien drink...for muscle building..???

I just want to know...what will be the perfect protien drink for building muscle...and gaining weight...I go for gym daily ...does 3 hrs of workouts...I want to build muscle wid a mass body...right now I look little slim...not so lean...about medium avg body...I want to build mass body with muscle...which protien drink can give me a xtra effort I put in...for my goal..???

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well I dont know about protein drinks you should be able to get em at herbal stores or online but I know a lot of protein foods like a lot of vegetables and white meat and brown rice all high in protein so yay

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those shakes are ok but all you need is protein to build muscle dude! Look more at your diet then at those expensive shakes! Do you like Steak? Meat, espically Red meat, dairy products is all full of good protein. Eat a shite load :D remember fruit and veg tho!

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