Why do husbands lie?

I have exactly the same problem, he wasn’t like that when we got married, well I think he was, come to think about it, he actually did lie before we got married. But now it totally got out of control, and he tells ‘no I am not lying’. And he also drinks, he doesn’t drink in front of me because he knows I don’t like it. After work he’ll stop by at a gas station buys beer and drinks it before coming home, or sometimes he’ll say I forgot something in a garage or a car and he’ll be gone forever. I know what he is doing, I caught him so many times and he’ll deny it right there on the spot. I am so done with this marriage, I am tired of being lied to, and desrespeted. Our love life sucks because he is all about himself and I don’t even want no intimate relationship with him, because of how he treats me. We have two young kids together and that is the only thing that keeps me in this marriage. Does anyone have a good advice for me?

Answer #1

wow, my dads kind of doing the same thing. i can totally relate to that. you should have a serious talk with him, and get to the bottom of it. dont argue about it, be very calm. he may feel trapped in the marrige which is causing him to lie. make sure he knows that you know what hes doing. ask him why hes doing it and try to help him, be a team. be strong!

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