When I caught my friend lying?

kk So along time ago one friend ill call D. accused another with rape (ill call B) but I have proof that shes been lying all along. But I havent been her friend for a while because of my disbeleifs but now I have proof. She told the police, our school, and everyone else she knows about what she says happened. But now since I have proof I plan on handing it in to th school and if the investigator gives me his mail or something where it can be in his hands. I was wondering after I do all this…what would happen to D … she sonly fourteen, she lied to the police about rape! and because of this B got a restraining order so he cant come to my school, I was wondering if thers a chance for that to be lifted aswell since we caught her lying because one of my friends is dating him, and they both want him at this school.

Answer #1

You have to allow B the chance to clear his name - he’s the victim here.

Unfortunately, D is going to have to accept the consequences of her actions.

Answer #2

It doesn’t matter what happens to D she lied about something as serious as rape and thats really bad.. You need to tell them because doing that to B is awful and really sad. She will have to suffer the consequences

Answer #3

Rape is a very serious crime, and could easily end up ruining the rest of B’s life; his chances or finding a job, going to college, finding a partner, etc. The punishment D would face for lying about rape is nothing compared to what B would be facing if the truth is not found out.

Do the right thing and tell the authorities of your proof.

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