Lying husband

My husband (whom I am divorcing–infidelity) still sees his girlfriend, but he lies to the kids about it. They catch him lying to them about where he is going, etc. Hub says I am crazy and tells kids he has no girlfriend. How can I help my 3 kids 12,10,7 handle this?

Answer #1

Dear open, His lying will be judged by his kids and what you tell them is that your father says he isn’t seeing another women. When they catch him and say he is you tell them that you were told he wasn’t and perhaps you should speak with your father about it. Sit and be honest with them ask them why they think he would lie. When they say because he is embarrassed about it and does not want to be seen as a bad parent you tell them…yes, that’s probably why he is lying. Your getting a divorce and from what I gather it is because he was cheating with this girl he is still with…so it is what it is. Tell your ex to be honest with the children and say “yes” I am seeing this girl and maybe she will end up their step-mother. Sue…good luck

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