Where does my marraige go from here,when husband lies all the time?

my husband of 10 years and father of my 2 girls, lies to me all the time. He always has. I doubt hes having an affair, but he lies about silly things constantly, and it doesnt seem to matter how hurt I am, he just keeps lying. I tell him I cant carry on like this, I feel unloved and empty and hurt, but he just keeps lying. he says im hard to talk to and he finds it difficult to be honest with me, but surely if he loves me he would try harder. I cant be that scary cause the rows we have over lies are far worse than other wise.how can he keep this up, hurting me so much. what can I do? is this an illness, is there help anywhere. I love him so much and feel like I’m banging my head up a wall

Answer #1

he’s been lying from the day we got together, I have hoped it would improve but it hasn’t

Answer #2

he is probably a sociopath.

Answer #3

Because you made him this way. Constantly “feeling hurt because he is lying.” so the more dramatic you are over little thing the more he feels the need to lie it’s a vicious circle. I am sorry to say, but it’s your fault. You made him this way, and you should stop making a bigger deal out of everything than there should be. I know I might sound like an butthole, but if this keeps up, I can promise you he will cheat on you soon.

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