How many lunges should I do in a day?

how many lunges should I do a day to put the line in my leg???

Answer #1

Well, I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but lunges alone won’t tone your legs! I have a trainer, and some exercises he makes me do that don’t involve any equipment are lunges, squats, inch worms (start in push-up position, and then slowly inch your legs up as far as you can while keeping them straight. then walk out on your hands and repeat) long jumps, high knees, side shuffles and but kickers! Hope this helped!

Answer #2

put the line in my leg??? that means?

Answer #3

If you do go to a gym or have exercise equipment, let me know because I know a bunch of other exercises as well! Feel free to Fun mail me…!

Answer #4

I dont know bout lunges I think your better off joining a gym and doing weights

Answer #5

like the line in your upper thigh on the out side,,,like the muscle …

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