How many lunges I should do a day to tone my legs?

Does anyone know how many lunges I should do a day to tone my legs and thighs??3 sets of ten or more…How many days till the pain goes away??Help my fat a** please…

Answer #1

Start out with 3 sets of 10 and do them slowly. Your thighs may be sore the next day but this only means that you are tearing your muscles and that is a good thing cause by doing this, your muscles repair and rebuild themselves and that is how you get toned. Once you have done that for a week, you could probably step it up by using 3-5lb weights. Hold the dumbbells in your hands while you do the lunges. This will tone your legs even more. Each week, you can increase your reps which will help you to keep toning. Squats help to tone legs and your butt also. I do a set of lunges then a set of squats and keep alternating until you do 3 sets of each. Take your time and do it slow. Doing it fast makes it easier on your muscles and you get less toned. Hope this helps, it does for me.

Answer #2

what I do to lose my fatnetude. is this 3x10 lunges 3x50 curl ups 3x100 jumpropes 3x15 push ups( me I can barely do 4 but hey its a start. This is everyday after school so it really helps.

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