Why is it bad to lay down after you eat?

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Because your food doesnt fully digest right.

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Digestion considerably slows since your body perceives laying down as "sleepy time". Since you're not digested, you're not burning off those calories from the food, & therefore gaining weight.

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it's always good to wait at least an hour to lay down after you eat because that's the average time it takes to digest

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Bad for digestion, taking a walk after eating is best.

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Another reason is , if you have a weak cardiac sphincter (esophageal sphincter) at the top of your stomach - which I do - it can allow stomach acid to splash up into your esophagus and cause heartburn, and eventually acid reflux disease.
Keeping your upper body slightly elevated will prevent that.

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The digestive tract uses gravity to help push down food, so when you are laying down it makes it harder on your body to digest your food properly.

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