Not eating much is good or bad?

Does not eating as much as normal make you lose weight, or atcually put on weight (bloating for instance)?

Answer #1

celery is helpin me out a lot! it actually burns more calories than it puts in. I eat it with every meal instead of eating french fries or chips as a side. but you need to make sure you’re eating!

Answer #2

Its bad. You need to eat to stay alive. You will loose all your muscle in your body, and when you do eat, your body will hold onto the food, and not allow you to get rid of it, because your not eating right. You’ll put on more weight, and just feel worse. Eat in moderation. Eat 6 meals a day, or just eat less, but keep fueling your body with food, so it keeps burning fat. You will loose weight. Just whatever you do, don’t stop eating, its really not good for you.

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