Why is it that when I lay down.. boobs hurt really bad

My boobs hurt really bad >_> is it because there still growing?! Like I’ll sit up after a bit because my chest will hurt a lot then when I breathe in it hurts? This never use to happen before -.- its annoying..is it just because there still growing or something ? Or do I have like a disease or something lol

Answer #1

I’d say ask to see a medic or something. that could be a serious problem D: or also you might be growing. either way consult a doctor.

Answer #2

how is it common sense =S… its most likely your growin.

Answer #3

Commen sense would say that you may wanna talk to your parents and see a doctor. I’m guessing it very well could be from growth but you never know. Maybe seeing a “female” doctor about this could help too. Even if you get told it’s normal it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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