Why does my hip hurt really badly when I lay on it?

I have been having hp pain really badly for about the last 2 months,especially if I lay on it when I go to bed.it gets so bad that I dream that it is hurting and then I wake up to severe pain. Then when I walk it feels like it is bone on bone. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

that means that your hip bone has de-tached itself from the pit it is suppost to be in.OR it has grown apart over the years.The only way it could actually have happened that way is if you have had doctor visits about this problem and when they have took some tests they have not seen signs of this happening.Before you feel it getting even worse hurry to a proffesional doctor and REQUEST that you get hip surgery so that they could replace I or evn give you a prostetic hip that growns with the rest of your bones.

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