Is eating fried food bad while pregnant?

I think im pregnant I havent found out yet but lately I’ve been craving fried foods so that all I eat is that bad for the baby

Answer #1

fried foods (although sooo good) aren’t good for you period. Pregnant or not! So yeah you shouldn’t be eating just fried foods. you need to be eating healthy stuff too!

Answer #2

Well first of all you’ll want to see if you are,in fact pregnant.

Fried foods arnt healthy for you because they clog up your arteries and make you gain weight with all the oils used to make them.

To my knowledge though,I dont think they’ll hurt the baby.But you may want to ask about that when you go to take a pregnancy exam.


Answer #3

After you do find out if you are pregnant, change your diet. start to eat for the baby. Do you want a sick baby or a healthy one. Start eating God’s food. Raw fruits & vegetables. Give the baby some nourishment. Giving it dead cooked food, the baby will be sick all the time. Cooked food has dead enzymes. Raw food has live enzymes. Yes, in anwer to your question, Fried Food is bad!

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