Is it bad to eat only when you're hungry?

Is it bad to eat only when you are hungry…and cut your appitite ? All the time.

Answer #1

you should eat you 3 daily meals, if you don’t your metabolism will slow and you will feel weak. you won’t feel energetic anymore. if you are hungry a normal amount of times its great. you should never NOT eat when you are hungry.

Answer #2

well I mean, I would assume so.. cause you’re eating to keep you from going hungry. we really do only need to eat when we’re hungry, all the rest is just because we’re bored so we eat, which isn’t very good for us.

but you DO have to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition and eating healthy!!

Answer #3

That’s what I do, I just eat when I’m hungry. BUT you need to make sure you are eating enough and getting your proper nutrients.

Answer #4

that’s not bad AT ALL!! thats GOOD! don’t eat when you’re not hungrey! because thats how you get fat.

Answer #5

eating when you are hungry is a fine idea

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