Jonna Piira shares her eating disorder recovery journey. She created Binge On It to build community for recovery and share my highs and lows throughout the years to help others navigate the waters of recovery.

About Binge on it

Who we are

At, our mission is to provide a platform for individuals struggling with eating disorders to share their stories, find support, and access valuable resources to aid in their recovery journey. Founded in 2006, has been a trusted source of information and inspiration for those seeking to overcome the challenges of disordered eating.

What we Do

We offer a variety of blog posts, articles, and resources that cover topics such as recovery tips, coping mechanisms, relapse prevention strategies, and personal stories of triumph over eating disorders. Our goal is to create a supportive community where individuals can feel understood, empowered, and encouraged on their path to healing.

Why you should use us

Choosing as your go-to resource for eating disorder recovery can provide you with a sense of belonging and connection to others who are facing similar struggles. Our platform offers a safe space to share your experiences, gain insight from others, and access valuable tools to support your journey towards wellness. Whether you are in the early stages of recovery or have been on this path for some time, is here to help you every step of the way.

What can you ask?

  • How can I identify my triggers and create a trigger list?
  • What are some effective coping tools for managing difficult emotions during recovery?
  • How can I incorporate gratitude into my daily life to promote healing and positivity?
  • Can you provide tips for organizing and detoxing my living space to support my recovery journey?
  • What is the relationship between self-worth and eating disorder recovery, and why is it important?
  • How can I navigate misconceptions about eating disorders and seek help without feeling judged?
  • Do you offer any support groups or resources for individuals in recovery from eating disorders?

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