What could cause a laptop to not aquire the network address when using a wireless router or when directly connected?

Ive been searching online for hours with no luck…

Answer #1

Hmm…maybe there is an issue with security encryption? Try changing the SSID on your AP so your laptop will be forced to create a new profile. Then set security to basic WEP 64bit and try to connect again…and update the wireless adapters drivers. Also, if you have any third party firewalls, disable them to make sure they aren’t blocking it.

Another problem could be the laptop has an out of date wireless card, or adapter that is not compatible with the wireless router. New wireless routers, or more ‘up to date’ wireless routers have a lot of new features, which your wireless card may not be able to access. So, you can try to limit the new features on the wireless adapter, to make it compatible with your wireless card, or get an up to date wireless card or adapter.

I hope this helps, if not…I have no idea what else you can do. :[

Answer #2

If you have been searching online for hours you must already have already acquired an IP address. Note that some brands of wireless cards come with their own software to manage it. The windows tools may not work correctly in this case.

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