How can I connect this wireless router to my laptop if my laptop doesn't have a disk drive (read)?

Okay so I have a little netbook laptop, & it doesn’t have the thing where you can put disks in it, & I just bought a wireless router for it, it’s a USB thing & the disk installs the internet. When I put the USB in my laptop it just says installation cannot be completed, because the disk isn’t in. I was wondering if I could install the disk in my DESKTOP & then it would work for my laptop ? I need to know before I actually do it, cause probably once I install it I won’t be able to take it back to the store. The info for the router thing thats on the box says Linksys AE1200 Wireless-N USB Adapter Thanks.

Answer #1

Yes you can install it first in your desktop,i have my desktop and note book lab top connected to my router just follow the instructions they give you in the box seems hard but its really not hope it works out for ya.

Answer #2

no it has no instructions it litterally just says plug in & go

Answer #3

what interesting there should be a num on the box where you can call and they should help you out.

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