I can't get my desktop computer to connect to my network?

I have a cable internet modem connected to a wireless router. I just got off the phone with the router tech support, who helped me set up a security enabled wireless network, which works fine on my laptop. However, I also have a desktop running windows xp that I cannot get to connect. The network shows, but when I click on connect, an error message comes up saying “ Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Please refresh the list of available networks, and try to connect again.” I already called the netgear tech support, who manufactures the adapter I’m using on the desktop and who, of course, said my hardware is “too old” to help me with- and would I like to upgrade, because he can connect me to the sales dept? I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I have two teenagers that use this computer so if I value my sanity, I really need to fix this problem.

Answer #1

I’m a computer tech - I’ll take a stab at this, although I don’t have all the info and can’t see the system, which sort of cripples my diagnosis!

If your wireless NIC is “too old” there is a possibility that the router that you are using is sending a signal that the NIC can see, but not recognize. There are different types of wireless signals. If the router is newer, it may not be able to send in an older signal. Your easiest fix might be to get a new NIC installed - a new NIC should cost less than $60 (ballpark figure…) and, if you have been inside a PC before, is easy to install. If you want more specific info, email me with the computer specs - HD size, amount of RAM, Processor speed, and, most importantly, the make and model of both your wireless router and your wireless network card - the NIC. I’ll do a little research for you and try to get a more informative answer. Good Luck!

Answer #2

Um, what about putting in the password when connecting to the network. I mean no offense, but unless it’s a b-class signal I would say buy a new one. N-band is awesome for it’s range and signal strength, but not always necessary. How old is the wireless router?

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