How can i get my laptop to connect to my wireless router?

i just got a new lap top.. i can connect to the internet but only with a cord. I need to connect it to my wireless router but i have no idea how.

Answer #1

Um, okay.. for mine, on the bottom right of the screen, it shows a little computer screen with a red ‘’x’’ (saying I’m not connected to the internet) I’m sure you can also do this through Start, Computer, Internet Connection. Anyway, it will say something like ‘’You are not currently connected to any networks’’ and you click ‘’Connect to Network’’. It will tell you to choose a network and you choose your house’s (you should know the name of it, usually it’s your family’s last name, etc) Click that, and enter the password if it asks for one. (It’s usually the WEP Key, or a password your parents chose)..

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