What would cause a wireless connection to keep failing?

I’m at my sister’s house and on her wireless network on my acer netbook. I’ve never had trouble holding a signal anywhere else, but my sister’s connection doesn’t fail at all on her laptop, so I’m thinking it’s something to do with my netbook…any ideas?

Answer #1

hmm, might be the range of the wireless that happens to my brother on his dell laptop as well…I kind of spoke to a tech guy about it when i was installing my router, he asked me what was the model number on the back and asked me to see if if there was a certain letter on it…that usually means how far the wireless connection can pick up…told him it was because in older laptops they have a short range…if it is new then i advise to ask your internet provider why that seems to be happening…maybe they can advise what to do or how to increase the range you have…I know it can be done because my tech guy wanted to tell us how to do it but \i said it wasn’t necessary, but I know there is a way of t is possible on your notebook!

Good luck & hope this helped.

Answer #2

Thank you…I don’t think that’s the problem, as my netbook is pretty new and I’ve tried getting right up next to the router, but I’ll check into that possibility, nonetheless.

Answer #3

hmm, that seems odd…unless there is some other issue maybe in the connection but then again if your sister is not having the issue that that counts that one out. have you tried to pull out the wireless card itself give it a little blow (might be some dust particles inside and just needs a little air on it then put it back restart the computer & try again?! Sorry my ex-husband was a computer tech & we had a business of fixing computers & all sorts of repairs to the computer/screens & stuff as well…so i picked up on a few things on the way…just trying to think of ways he may have done things…hope this helps!

Answer #4

I wouldn’t even know where to look for a wireless card in this little thing, lol!

Answer #5

hmm, i dont know the model you own, but it shou;d be a little card on either side of the notebook…if there isnt one then it just might be located on the inside of the notebook. I knw macs have everything under the keyboard, so damn annoying which is why we never worked with mac notebooks much…just too much time to waste opening up the entire notebook just to get to a certain piece…my ex would take it apart & then i would screw in all the pieces back together! :P if you could link the model number or pic then I could look at it & try to help ya out…or you just might have to call your tech guy if it is too complicating.

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