Jesus White !! I dont think so .

I was just wondering is there anyone out there who still belives that Jesus was a white man ?? Because he was not ..

Answer #1

I’ve seen paintings from the middle ages older than the founding of the US or discovery of the “new world”…they depict an arab looking man, with dark hair and darker skin tone.

Though all the ones I’ve seen in the US paint him as a white guy…looking at history in the US, the depiction of Jesus as a white guy is closely related to the subjugation of darker skinned peoples…

…because if you’re using religion as an argument for slavery (which was the case, and still is, as the bible doesn’t say slavery is wrong)…then it probably made people uncomfortable to think that their god made flesh looked just like the guy they had beaten after working 16 hours in their fields.

Answer #2

I’d prefer green anyway… that way I can think Jesus was powered by gamma rays:

‘’Grrr! No money changing in the temple! Christ angry! CHRIST SMASH!’’

Answer #3

I’ve always wondered, they say he had ‘’olive skin’’ …was it black olives or green olives?

Depends on whether you want to be politically correct or not.

Answer #4

Jesus, like Santa, reflects the culture.

The earliest depictions of Jesus are identical to depictions of Horus (as an infant) and to Bacchus (Roman god of wine) as an adult. Apparently, no-one ever knew what Jesus looked like.

Answer #5

According to a hadith, the prophet sallallahu wa salam when he went to the 2nd level of Heaven he saw Jesus Alaihi Salam and he had white skin with a bit of redness shining on his face. He also has curly hair, not too curly and not too straight that goes down to his neck and shoulders and he’s also a muscular man.

Answer #6

According to all the paintings, if you slap a pair of shades on him, he’d look sorta like you, coneman. :)

EDIT: No offense to you. I always thought Jesus was a hottie.

Answer #7

I think his skin would have been very olive colored, but, the color of a mans skin was never a concern to him, he looked at the condition of the heart.

Answer #8

I think he would have looked like Bin Laden

Answer #9

lol. captain, you really have an over active imagination…lol.

Answer #10

He would have been more of like a middle east looking man. Not white but not black

Answer #11

I’ve always wondered, they say he had ‘’olive skin’’ …was it black olives or green olives?

Answer #12

I don’t think he was black, but his skin probably wasn’t completly white.. kinda a darker shade, I don’t know, odd question.

Answer #13

Considering where he was born, I highly doubt he was ‘white’.

Answer #14

he wouldnt have been black if that is what your trying to get at he was probably arab colored like a mexicans skin color notblack!!! notwhite!!!

Answer #15

Prophet Muhammed said :”While I was asleep, I was circumambulating the Kaabah, and there came a brown man with straight hair, between two men against whom he leaned, with water dripping from his head. I said, who is that? I was told, he is the son of Mary” Prophet Muhammed also described Jesus son of Mary as” Of medium high and ruddy as if he has just come out of a bath” which implies purity, brightness and radiance.

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