anyone else think jesus was just some guy that got bored

anyone else think jesus was just some guy that got bored with his friends and wrote a whole made up story cause they thought it would be funny. christian faith is a load of BS. why would someone want to pray to an imaginary man in the sky. its retarded.

Answer #1

It seems more likely to me, that Jesus is simply a fictional character in a story invented by some guy who was bored. It’s hard to get away with claiming you raised the dead, walked on water etc., but it’s easy to get away with claiming that some guy who lived 100 years ago did those things.

Answer #2

no faiths of any kind actually make sense because its a whole load of bull, sure any one can believe what they want but I just dont see how you can believe something that has clues that cant solve the case (in a matter of speaking) make some bs up that actually makes a lick of sense.

Answer #3

First off it wasn’t written by Jesus, the old testament was wrote before he was even born and the new testament almost 40 years after his death, it was years later that the final bible was put together. And how narrow minded can you be to say Christianity is BS? this is some ones faith we are talking about and I don’t believe anyone has the right to demean it. Though I am not a Christian myself I don’t feel the need to say unless they start up the conversation with me. But I can agree on some level with you, such as people or the streets spouting their beliefs, what ever the religion is wrong, people should not be allowed to impose their beliefs on others. Anyway I’ve rambeled on…

Answer #4

Nope, I like some of the key things that he taught, I do not however believe he was a god of some sort. oh and why are you posting this? Just to start another religious argument?

Really now, we all have different beliefs. Similar to you not liking Christians and others shoving their oh so holy religions in your face, they won’t like you shoving yours in their face.

Religion also has a its place in society.

How about showing some acceptance and consideration and you won’t have to worry about religious people bashing you.

Answer #5

I totally agree! I mean, where do they get these stories from that are over hundreds of years ago? But you know what, people have their own beliefs and I respect that.

Answer #6

means you are too bug daria remember, it’s a sin to judge & tell others they’re going to hell & who knows, he might even be a virgine meaning he’s insured a place in heaven, lol

yeah, I know what you’re saying. But really, over half his life is missing in the documents. There probably was a historical Jesus, however, I believe the stories about him are greatly exaggerated.

Answer #7

I think that your the one that needs to get a life and I think your gooing to hell..

Answer #8

it sounds like your the bored one.

Answer #9

lol I know

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