JESUS Help please!!!

okay there was one guy in the bible I wish I cud remember his name but he asked jesus when he was gonna die and he lived for a very long time how old was he whn he really died and why is he not alive now ps lol I know he was one of the disiples

p.p.s dont be a smart allik either so if you know the answer answer it if not DONT k…???!!!

Answer #1

your question just begs for a smart a** response…

Answer #2

I think you are confusing the Old Test. with the New. Jesus is in the New… Methuselem is the oldest man in the Old, and another man, is the one who asked for his life to be extended, and it was, but, he did not ask Jesus.

Answer #3

and he was 969 when he died:) anymore? no smart answers just the truth I belive in the word of God and iot changes you everyday if you want it to :)

Answer #4


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