What do you think of the Jesus Seminar?

I’m trying to learn more about the New Testament: historical context, original authors, literary meaning, etc. I’ve read a few books by scholars who are part of the Jesus Seminar, as well as responses from their skeptics. I’m just curious what anybody else thinks of this group.

Answer #1

The first 4 chapters of “Why I Believe” by Dr. James Kennedy is a pretty good look into the archological claims of the bible as well as other areas of apologetics.

Answer #2

The Jesus Seminar is really the starting point for historical analysis of early Christianity. Prior to that, there was simply too much intermingling of apologetics and history (and in general there still is, as the vast majority of Biblical scholars also hold theology degrees). Even the Jesus Seminar didn’t go far enough.

One of the things that came out of the Jesus Seminar, was the realization that the very existence of Jesus as a historical figure had never been examined in 2000 years (except by the radicals). So to remedy that, a new project is being kicked off of similar scholarly caliber to the Jesus Seminar, known as the Jesus Project. They plan to finally analyze head-one whether or not Jesus actually existed as a historical person.

Answer #3

not much. every thing they need is right in the bible and there is tons of evidence to prove it’s truthfullness. The told us that Noah’s Ark is a lie but Turkey has a park that is called Noah’s big boat. They told us that Sodum and Gomorra were myths but there are huge piles og Gypson and ash around the Dead Sea. gypson is made by burning lime stone with sulpher AKA brimstone. Pillets of verry pure sulpher have been founed. they told us that Moses could not have parted the sea, but Egyption charits have been foun under the Gaulf of Acca Ba the part of the Red Sea between Sudia Araiba and the Sinai Pinicla. The New Testament wrighters were eye whitness, Luke in the first chapter of Acts explains his resurch. What happens is that a bunch of so called scolers get together and act unscholarly. They dis count all the evidence and then can’t figur out why they can’t prove any thing. I’d bet that some one has found Roman accounts of the trial of Jesus and is hiding it. If yo want to know about the wrighter of the New Testament I would recomad that you read what they wrote first then go to a Bible book store and see what you can find there.

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