is it wrong

im only like 13 and when poeple ask me how many kids I want I get scared 2 tell people cus I don’t know what their reactions are going 2 b.btw I want 7 kids when I get older

Answer #1

Who cares if anyone else likes the idea that you may want 7 kids. And who knows after you have one or two you may even change your mind.

Answer #2

no probs.. I want 6 kids in tha future.. preferably 4 boys and 2 girls dont ask why it just seems like a nice number… always wanted a big family and my fiance is african so has a very large family himself and my mom is carribean so also has a huge family

Answer #3

I agree when I grow up I want 3 boys triplets their names would be marc. micheal and mick, and 3 girls their names would be michelle. mariah and miley

Answer #4

There is nothing wrong with having seven kids but it hurts really bad too have a kid. I have two and I would never want to go threw all that stuff agian. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #5

Everyone has a different opinion on kids. Some people hate them, others love them, everyone wants a different number. As long as you feel that you are able to support them, go ahead and have as many as you want. And if you really want seven kids, dont b embarrased to tell people. But if you dont want people to have a bad reaction, say something like, “maybe have a few and adopt a few” or “I havent really thought about it, but as long as I have one child to love..” you get the idea. dont b specific if you think people will have a bad idea.

Answer #6

There is nothing wrong with wanting 7 kids but you need to make sure you educate yourself first, get a good job, marry the right guy. That is huge, finding a man with the desire to have 7 children could be challenging. The finacial challenge is huge too! If you want 7, you owe it to them to provide the best life for each of them.

 Parenting is the toughest job on earth, very rewarding and satisfying, be very difficult. One you have a child, you job never stops as a parent, the rest of your life, you'll worry about each of them and share in all they accomplish! Good luck!
Answer #7

no matter how many kids you want to have in your family, its never wrong as long as your going to care for them all, and have the time, money, ect to take care of them all, its not wrong howevere what seems wrong to me is why people would even ask a 13 year old girl how many kids she wants when shes older

Answer #8

there’s no wrong about dreaming to have seven kids. it’s just you are too young to think about grown-up things like that :]

Answer #9

it doesnt matter how many kids you want. it is yourr choicee… I want 3 kids but all my friends want 1.. we are all different

Answer #10

no its not wrong and if they think it is then they’re wrong!!

Answer #11

theres nothing wrong with that as long as you have a plan to support them

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