Why do I hate children, is there something wrong with me?

Ok im 14 and I don’t hate kids like I would never ever hurt one or treat them horriblie but they just annoy me a lot sometimes they are rude and horrible to me and when you don’t do what they want they run off crying saying they hate you and they will tell their parents, or they will throw something at you and they say your boring or you suck or something like that their jurks and they hve turned me of having kids when im older I mean I was never like that I always respected my elders or I would have got yelled and got a smack like is their something wrong with me am I a bad person or something for not liking children and why are they so rude to me

Answer #1

hahaa I feel the same way and im 15 but some are ohk I guess but some you just want to go awayyy! lol but if you have children you wont feel that way about your own I hope haha :)

Answer #2

LOL :D I think the same,.. I dont like screaming kids :O Nothing is wrong with you, I guess :D Childrens are RUDE!!! :O

Answer #3

I hate children too, and I’m 14 as well. I mean, some can be cute.. but I feel awkward about them etc. I am an animal person.. not a kid person. I can’t stand them. No, you’re not a bad person, and no, you’re not strange.

AnimalInsanity x

Answer #4

okay, I think some kids are just waaay too entitled and were not disciplined a lot. they need to learn a lesson. :S

it doesnt mean your kids are gonna be entitled though. it really depends on your upbringing of them and their environment.

Answer #5

Omg I feel the same way sometimes. I’m also more of an animal person than a kid person. To me children can be very rude and annoying. And I find animals cuter. My cousin who is 5 is sometimes like that but then other times she’s a sweetheart. Sometimes when I do see kids like that it also makes me not want kids in the future. But I think it also depends on how you raise them too

Answer #6

I was the same way when I was your age. Still am to an extent. I have children of my own now and when they were little, I was rough, trying hard to not let them behave the way I have seen other children behave. Some would call that strict. Now that they’re older I enjoy them much more. To make a long story short those feeling are normal and likely will not entirely go away.

Answer #7

ok look yourmstill a kid your self and yes little kids can be annoying but its there job lol your perfectly fine

Answer #8

LOL :D I think the same,.. I dont like screaming kids :O Nothing is wrong with you, I guess :D

Answer #9

lol im 13 I swear around little kids I hate them the bug me

Answer #10

thankyou so much and im also an animal person I mean you can’t swear or anything around kids

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